Rochefort : 2 Cafétérias 1 laverie de vaisselle

A listed building? The aerial tray conveyor, the technological solution. 2 cafeterias, a single dishwashing area, a mandatory ceiling passage, complex architectural constraints, up to 2,500 meals per service

Rochefort Air Base 721, created in 1931, is a historic Air Force site. In 1980 the new buildings were inaugurated, designed by the architect Pierre André DUFETEL. The buildings are classified as historical monuments. We took up a technical challenge that was all the more difficult as the architectural constraints due to the classification of […]

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eco responsable

Catering: combining energy savings and eco-responsibility

How to reconcile energy saving and eco-responsibility when you are a restaurant owner? Restaurant owner are more and more sensitive to energy consumption. It is true that it represents an important expense in their budget. They are aware of the ecological issue and are involved daily in finding greener solutions, while saving money. Aware of […]

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