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All our equipment can be updated, transformed and improved.
Modify your premises! Don’t change your equipment!

Limoges University Hospital

1993: More than 8000 trays per day in a non-linear packaging conveyor.  Transfer of the meal trays to two buildings more than 100 m away from the preparation area.

Validex’s Solution: Validex special conditioning conveyor with “T” switch, one input two outputs

2012: Modification of the two existing conveyors to bring the dirty trays back to the wash area (reverse direction) respecting the mechanical constraints and the strict constraints of hospital hygiene.

No need to change the equipment already in place (8000 trays X 365 days X 18 years of service in perfect condition)


St Etienne University Hospital France

The issue: to descend the trays to the basement, using the minimum space for the vertical conveyor.
Need to design an efficient washing area in a very small and complex room (see plan)
Validex’s Solution: Validex angle descenders
Rack conveyor with special curves and orientations.