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Waste management


VALIDEX is a company created in 1973, more than 6000 references (over 1000 seats), 1.5 billion meal trays are transported each year by our solutions around the world.

VALIDEX is known for designing and manufacturing tailor-made, high-performance washing up area logistics solutions in the professional catering sector and meeting high requirements.

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About Company

VALIDEX is known for designing and manufacturing tailor-made, high-performance laundry logistics solutions in the catering and professional catering sector and meeting high requirements

We allow distributors and installers of washing and dishwashing equipment (transport, sorting, storage) to provide optimized solutions in complex and tailor-made situations, all over the world since 1973.
Today, 1.5 billion trays are transported each year on VALIDEX solutions.
We count 6000 references of more than 1000 place settings / meals.
We provide advice and materials.
Our facilities are efficient, easy to install, compact, designed by OUR design office, and verified (tested) before shipment and implementation.
We also manufacture standard equipment suitable for any installation, as well as waste treatment solutions.

Why Choose Us

Washing up solutions is more complex than it seems: legal, technical, consumption, profitability, organizational, ergonomic and sanitary constraints are sometimes underestimated in the architectural design and tender.

The more ambitious is the project, the more surprises you found.
You need a punctual and committed trusted partner who knows your business, continuously strives to optimize space, and costs, providing solutions that are reliable, easy to install and maintain. Strength of proposal and decided to meet your need for safety and efficiency.

Installation-oriented design

Verified, tested carefully, designed with precision according to YOUR wishes, by OUR team.

A strong partnership

We think: solving customer problems before thinking about our products and solutions. And we are proud of the trust our customers have been giving us for decades.

An innovative and pragmatic design office

In order to answer all the constraints in any kind of situation and any challenge that YOU have to solve.

Satisfied end users

Certifications and quality standards

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