Welcome to Camille

Validex export team is growing, as usual, Patrick VAJDA  is your contact, for any administrative query (invoice, delivery, customs, payment) Camille will take care of you :international@ validex.fr, a designer, dedicated, is available at design.export@ validex.fr

El departamento de ventas internacionales de Validex est cresciendo, Patrick VAJDA es el director de la ventas internacionales, para cualquier preguntas (administativas, entregas, doganas, pagos) Camille se encargara del assunto : international@ validex.fr, por los dibujos, sera design.export@ validex.fr

Экспортный отдел Validex растет. Патрик (Patrick VAJDA)  ваш контакт. Для административного запроса (счет, доставка, таможня, оплата) это Camille ( Camille GERIN) : international@ validex.fr. Дизайнер, посвященный, доступен на design.export@ validex.fr

O departamento de vendas internacionais da Validex está crescendo, Patrick VAJDA é o diretor de vendas internacionais, para qualquer dúvida (administrativa, entregas, doganas, pagamentos) Camille cuidará do assunto: international@ validex.fr, para os desenhos, será design.export@ validex.fr

“As I really like human contact, exchanging in foreign languages and because I have the desire to contribute to the development and the outcome of a project, I choosed to be part of Validex, a human-size company working with business partners worlwide. Very enthousiastic and motivated by this new adventure and challenge, I’m looking forward to meeting you, exchanging with you and contributing to the realisation of your projects.” Camille GERIN