Sustainable development issues

"It will be the most important environmental subject in a few years". This is about 20 million tonnes of bio-waste produced in France each year.

A demanding legislative framework and strict regulations

The circular of January 10, 2012: not to put in place the sorting at the source of bio-waste is a crime. The penalty incurred is a fine of € 75,000 and a prison sentence of 2 years.

Specific technological constraints

Biodec+ : Grinding of all types of waste (bones, seafood shells, etc.) and WITHOUT ANY HANDLING.

Based on the experience accumulated over 30 years with the BIODEC bio-waste treatment range,

VALIDEX has developed the new BIODEC+ generation to optimize and fully recycle biowaste from the restaurant.

Closed-circuit biowaste

☑ No risk of crossover between waste and clean dishes.

☑ No cleaning and disinfection of bins and premises.

Autonomous pipeline transport

☑ No bins so no handling.

☑ No more unpleasant smells.


Tank storage

☑ Control of health risks.

☑ No need for a refrigerated room.

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    “At Validex, we believe that the dishwashing area is a strategic location for the success of your restaurant, that’s why we have decided to devote all our time and energy to it.”


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